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Why Use DLS?

Dual-Liquid Sprayers are made with the economy and the environment in mind. Our patented design utilizes small cartridge refills and dilutes the concentrate within the spray-head itself, eliminating the inconvenience of hand-mixing and storage. The cartridge refills help decrease freight costs and fuel emissions while reducing the amount of plastic needed by as much as 90%!

Who Uses DLS?

Anyone who likes to keep things clean while saving time, money and space. DLS is not only used in households, but also across a myriad of industries including medical, forensics, cleaning, general maintenance, and scientific research. Dual-Liquid Sprayers can be used with almost any concentrate and can be customized to fit your desired spray ratio. To ensure that your concentrate will work with DLS Bottles, we provide compatibility testing!  

Have you heard about our Activate Products?

Using our DLS, we created our very own Bleach Dilution System! Activate is EPA-Registered and saves you time, labor and shipping costs. See below to find out where you can buy Activate, or Click here for more info.   

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation is dedicated to solving problems. Our goal is to manufacture products that save time, money, and waste – while increasing safety.

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