Dual-Liquid Sprayers

The FIRST Dual Liquid Sprayers on the Market
and the SMARTEST way to dilute concentrates

Image shown with custom colors

Let DLS do the work...

If you’ve been mixing two products by hand, or if you need a way to achieve faster, more consistent results, look no further. From concentrated cleaning solutions to two-part reactive chemistry, our patented method ensures a consistent ratio during spraying. Our products are sure to make your process easier. We say that with confidence!

Easy, Efficient, Economical

Looking for a way to implement LEAN practices and help the environment? This is it. Be it time, inventory, or transportation, DLS is the perfect way to reduce waste in the workplace. No more hand-mixing, no more closed-cap concerns. Our sprayers make safety a priority, while remaining efficient and cost-effective. And did we mention it helps reduce plastic use by up to 90%? Click here to learn more. 

Image shown with custom colors

Image shown with custom colors

Customize with YOUR colors and YOUR logo

We know how important it is to brand your product, that’s why we have in-house pad printing available. Need a private label for your bottle? A bright color for the spray-head? We can help with that! 

Pre-Filling Services

Yes, we can also pre-fill your bottles and ship them direct to your customer.

(A few exclusions apply, please call us for more details.) 

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation is dedicated to solving problems. Our goal is to manufacture products that save time, money, and waste – while increasing safety.

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