Waste Reduction & the Activate™ Bleach Dilution System

As global concern over environmental issues grows, increasing regulatory pressure challenges institutions like yours to reduce waste – such as the billions of disposable plastic containers used worldwide every year. Undoubtedly your facility already has a waste recycling program in place. Although recycling is a step in the right direction, we believe there is a more efficient way to reduce waste related to disposable plastic containers – we call this concept pre-cycling.

Pre-cycling shares the same vision as recycling, but as its name suggests, it aims to realize that vision by circumventing the bulk of the recycling process. Two key elements make pre-cycling work: the use of concentrated liquid products and the use of high-longevity dispensers from which to dispense them. The Activate™ Bleach Dilution System incorporates both elements by utilizing small cartridges of concentrated 5.25% bleach and diluting it within the durable sprayer head itself, eliminating safety issues and the inconvenience of mixing and storage. The user simply fills one of the bottles with tap water and locks in a bleach cartridge as needed.
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Besides reducing waste, concentrates significantly reduce freight costs and fuel emissions because, unlike expensive ready-to-use products, concentrates are not weighted down with water. For instance, instead of purchasing, transporting, and disposing of 55 complete spray dispensers of a typical 22-oz. ready-to-use surface disinfectant, a facility would need to purchase just one Activate™ Bleach Dilution Sprayer and 12 compact 11-oz bleach cartridges. That equates to a 3-way benefit to your facility – product cost reduction, freight cost reduction, and plastic waste reduction.

Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation is dedicated to solving problems. Our goal is to manufacture products that save time, money, and waste – while increasing safety.

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