Bleach Dilution System

Activate™ Bleach Spray automatically mixes the CDC-recommended 10% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution for hospital and laboratory use.

EPA Registered to kill C.diff spores in just 4 minutes!

HIV-1 & HBV:
30 seconds

C.difficile Spores:
4 minutes

MRSA & Bacteria:
2 minutes

How does it work?

Using our patented DLS bottles (you can check them out here) we created a solution using the highest quality bleach. The components within the spray-head work in conjunction with the specially designed bottle plug and dip tube within the bleach cartridge. By engineering our DLS sprayer to specifically dispense 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite at a 10% (9:1) ratio, we reached the perfect formula recommended by the CDC and sent it off to the EPA for approval. The best part? Our method yields approximately 1 gallon of solution per 1 bleach cartridge!  See how easy it is to use..

Easy to Use

STEP 1. Fill the sprayer’s empty water bottle with cool tap water and then insert the sprayer’s tube down into the filled water bottle. Close the sprayer tab to lock the water bottle into place.

STEP 2. Lock the bleach cartridge onto the other side of the sprayer 

STEP 3. Sprayer is now ready to use. Hold the sprayer 6″- 8″ away from the surface and spray thoroughly.

For more detailed instructions on how to use our product, click here.

Waste Reduction

Although this line has its foremost focus on the efficiency and safety of your facility, it was designed for sustainability as well. Activate™ Bleach Spray uses our DLS100 sprayhead and bottle, which means you can be sure that you are taking a very significant step toward plastic waste reduction. Click here to learn how our DLS helps reduce waste.

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