Bleach Dilution System - FAQ

ACTIVATE™ 5000 ppm Institutional Bleach Dilution System

Is Activate™ Bleach registered with the EPA as a disinfectant?
Yes. Activate™ 5.25% Institutional Bleach is manufactured by Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation (DFC) and its EPA product registration number is 75266-1.

What are Activate™ Bleach’s claims?
Please refer to Technical Sheet (PDF).

Does Activate™ Bleach kill C.diff spores?
Yes, Activate™ Bleach is EPA-registered to kill Clostridium difficile spores in 4 minutes.

We need a 10% solution; why does the Activate™ label indicate 5.25%?
The bleach in Activate™ Bleach cartridges is a standard 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution (approx 52,500 ppm). The spray system dilutes the 5.25% bleach with water at a 1:9 rate which equates to a 10% solution (approx 5,000 ppm available chlorine).

How do we know the system is really spraying the recommended 5,000 ppm of available chlorine?
DFC recommends regular testing of the sprayed solution with chlorine test strips to ensure the presence of 5,000 ppm available chlorine.

Why should we test the level of chlorine in our bleach?
The amount of available chlorine in bleach decreases with factors such as age and exposure to heat, sunlight, and contaminants. If your bleach solution is being used for disinfection purposes, it is important to be able to check its chlorine level for adequacy. DFC recommends regular testing of the sprayed solution with chlorine test strips to ensure the presence of 5,000 ppm available chlorine.

How will we know when the bleach cartridge is empty?
A safety feature ensures the sprayer will not spray when either the water cartridge or bleach cartridge is empty, eliminating any risk of spraying water only or bleach only.

Is the bleach exposed to air or dust while the system isn’t being used?
No. The Activate™ system is sealed, eliminating any concerns about contamination or evaporation.

Is Activate 5.25% Institutional Bleach registered as a disinfectant in my state?
Yes, it is registered in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia.

Does the bleach contain mercury?
No. Based upon the manufacturing specifications, procedures, and chemical analysis, DFC certifies that Activate™ 5.25% Bleach contains no mercury.

Why can’t we use our own bleach in the system?
The Activate™ Bleach Dilution System has been engineered specifically to meter and dispense 5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite at a 10% solution. Each bleach cartridge is permanently sealed with a specially designed metering plug/tube as a safety precaution and to ensure the integrity of the bleach. More importantly, the plug/tube is a vital part of the dilution mechanism, working in conjunction with the components within the sprayhead to deliver the correct solution of bleach. If this plug/tube is tampered with or removed, the system will no longer deliver the recommended concentration of bleach.Furthermore, the system dispenses a specific formula of EPA-registered bleach that has been tested for efficacy under EPA standards; therefore the label claims would be nullified if the formula were to be replaced. Please note that it is a violation of Federal Law to use the Activate™ System in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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